Advanced natural vitality formula. Designed to supercharge your cellular energy for optimal daily performance.

  • Sparks energy-producing mitochondria. For everyday mind-body vitality.
  • Powerful researched-backed nutrients for a clean, natural daily boost.
  • Caffeine-free for smooth, controlled, stim-free energy. With no crash.
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Energy. Vitality. Performance.

Performance Lab® Energy is made using premium research-backed ingredients. Produced to the highest quality clean label standards. To deliver health, wellbeing, and performance benefits like no other energy supplement.

Typical energy pills contain mega-doses of caffeine that boost fast, but crash hard. Performance Lab® Energy works without caffeine for a smarter, cleaner, and healthier energy boost.

“An everyday staple in my supplement regimen...”

“As an adaptive athlete who survived multiple strokes and open-heart surgery - I rely heavily on non-caffeinated options to aid my recovery.”
– Josh Koehler, Obstacle Course Racer.
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Boost mitochondria for mind-body energy.

Our bodies contain trillions of cells. Inside them there are huge numbers of energy-producing powerhouses called mitochondria.

These organelles convert the nutrients we consume into ATP energy molecules. A special kind of fuel that powers our cells - in all metabolic processes.

Mitochondria are most highly concentrated in high-energy tissues and organs, such as the muscles, brain and heart.

Over time, mitochondria can accumulate damage. This damage has been linked to fatigue, metabolic issues, brain fog and other health concerns.

Performance Lab® Energy utilizes advanced nutrition technology to protect, multiply and optimize mitochondria in nearly every cell in the body.

Promoting clean, crash-free everyday energy. And supporting long-range vitality and all-round whole-body health.

Easy as 2 daily capsules.

Top up your energy levels with 2 daily capsules.

For best results take 2 capsules first thing, on an empty stomach.

To get a stim-free boost during exercise, take 2 capsules 30-45 minutes before your workout.

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Ingredients & benefits.

Energy supports the natural production of cell energy to power all metabolic processes. Sparking the body's energy-producing mitochondria. For optimal everyday performance.

Clean label.

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Pure and potent

Each capsule is packed with premium research-backed ingredients. No fillers or pointless additives. Just 100% performance nutrition.
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All dosages shown

We display all ingredient forms. We use no proprietary blends (that hide dosages). So you precisely what's in every capsule.
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NutriCaps® delivery

We use no gelatin (from animals) or HPMC capsules. NutriCaps® are made from prebiotic fibre. For optimal absorption and gut support.
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Experience the world's most advanced energy formula.



  • 4.5
Rated Excellent based on 50 reviews